5 West Olive Plaza, Scranton, PA 18508
Impact Hoops Academy
Boys & Girls Grades 5 through 12 (FALL 2024 GRADE)
Classes run Monday through Friday - 12:30pm to 1:45pm and 2:00pm to 3:15pm
Must buy by week (No Walk-ins)
1 week - 1 class (Either 12:30pm or 2pm class) - $100
1 week - Both classes - $175
BULK PACKAGES (You pick the weeks)
2 week - 1 class (Either 12:30pm or 2pm class) - $190
2 week - Both Classes - $330
(2-week package discounted 5%)
4 week - 1 class (Either 12:30pm or 2pm class) - $340
4 week - both classes $595
(4-week package discounted 15%)
8 week - 1 class (Either 12:30pm or 2pm class) - $600
8 week - Both classes $1,050
Payment plan available (2 payments)
(8-week package discounted 25%)
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Week 3: July 8th-July 12th
Week 4: July 15th-July 19th
Week 5: July 22nd-July 26th
Week 6: July 29th-August 2nd
Week 7: August 5th-August 9th
Week 8: August 12th -August 15th

Each 75-minute Academy class will concentrate on 60 minutes of development in particular categories with a 15-minute session on important factors that effect a player off the floor. These will range from Sports Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Speed and Agility, as well as the mental approach to the game as a player and guest lectures.

Skill Development Classes are for beginners and advanced players. This will focus on enhancing the fundamental basketball skills required to be an effective player in shooting, dribbling, passing, and finishing at the rim.  

Offensive Game Awareness This aims at improving players’ understanding of the game, including reading defenses, recognizing offensive opportunities, and making the higher IQ play.

Shooting and Scoring This class provides specialized training in a players in-game shot selection, set shots vs. contested shots, footwork, a variety of scoring moves and offensive creativity.  

Position Specific Position specific classes will be broken up into Point Guards, Shooting Guards and Forwards/Centers and will learn to develop the tools necessary on becoming a great position player.

Competitive Drills/Game Simulations This category will focus on drills and simulations that will replicate game-like scenarios and how to be effective within them. It allows players to practice their skills in a competitive and realistic environment.

Fundamentals of Shooting The fundamentals of shooting will begin with building a strong foundation and developing the proper mechanics to become an effective shooter, aiming at increasing each players shooting percentage for the season and beyond. This is a transformational class and will require time to make these mechanics second nature.

Friday Competitive Play Players will learn to compete in 1 on 1 all the way up to 5 on 5. These will be organized and have a focus on certain situations on the floor that would replicate a game.  

Ball Handling workouts will train each player on improving their handle and have stronger ball control. Each player will learn how to effectively protect the ball, execute dribble moves, and avoid turnovers.  

The Defensive Hour will work toward building the defensive principles and the foundational framework that comes with it. Players will learn effective ways to stay in the front of the ball, correct rotations, and a variety of defensives schemes and why they are important to winning games.

Weak Hand Wednesday will aim to improve a players’ “off” hand in all aspects of the game. Finishing at the rim, passing, and dribbling moves that will allow players to be effective on both sides of the floor.  

Tactial Training Tuesday See the game through the eyes of a coach. Players will have the opportunity to learn the game and coach their way through certain end-of-game situations that may arise throughout the season. This class will be formatted around a series of instruction in high-intensity, time-score formats, while slowing it down on the floor will benefit them in fast-paced, real-life games.